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Hometown people Chanel iPhone 5s Cases, mostly live along the river . Along the river road, every on some distance, you will find there are many thin rope tied on the riverside willows , the other end tied around a small wooden boat in twos and threes , free reclining river . Special place in the environment , creating special climate here , here in the case of the south, there is the warmth of the south , but not wet , the boat will be less since the Wu Peng cumbersome . Those convertible small wooden village is the hometown of the card , looked up, and you'll find among the villages nestled in the green , rising smoke curl , crowing sound and bark intersection together, they mutually entangled in the blue sky , presentation of village life the stillness and peace. As many as a dozen villages , ranging thirty-five , or separation between the two sides of the river, or inhabited side of the river.
Dark red sand along the road into the village , only a short wooden houses in the village , which is covered with black tiles , cornice still hanging with many dry Xicao . Old, backward, so that can not find one here Hotel . But no matter where you are who know or do not know , just walked into the village , and everyone all of the hotel Chanel iPhone 5s Cases, and everyone are all Hotels , which some fragrant rice , some vintage bacon , and that vat costumes Valley wine, sorghum , corn liquor , keeping every stranger entering the village you can eat , can drink enough , to go cautiously , stumbled out of the land .
The road up the mountain is the home of most colors . It extends from each household , along the mountain , swings , up and down, to their own to overcome the mountain of soft masculine . Hill walked upstream mountain men , regardless of winter , all took off his shirt , revealing one dark muscle knots . Dan Zhao a load on their shoulders or firewood, or use a pole to go back home to lug two Zhukuang food . Most people with high pole , useless chemical paint painted , but shiny black light , two tilt, with a bag of aluminum flashlight . Hometown man in my eyes is synonymous with strong , they walked on the mountain , Bigfoot big , steady , steadfast, hand leaning on the shoulder pole , kept swinging back and forth out of the hand is still empty body . Tired, swinging hand catch pole, a hard , heavy burden on their side with the head of the center , draw a circle standard standard standard , the burden easily moved to the right shoulder from the left shoulder , right shoulder and from moved to the left shoulder. The natural and graceful posture .Chanel iPhone 5s Cases To outsiders, they are not in the line of hard physical labor , but in a sonorous hop dance .