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Two mountains Chanel iPhone Cases from south to north , stretching from slightly non- Que place. They play each other on top of the huge land , or get together , or split the line, between the closing retractable put aside their own feet together pieces the size of Ping , like that sweet and sour candied fruit in general. A clear rivers since the distant foothills started wearing floor and over, it naturally became the bone through the hoist , but unfortunately no one can take it in your hand . Issued by the river gurgling melody , thin slippery voice echoed in the mountains all day . With water , there is a moist, things should be a timely , broad river Ping , the birth into a piece of reed, spring a green , a green summer , fall, fresh color gradually wither and turn yellow. Autumn wind , reed floc flying in the sky , on the banks of twos and threes Heliu down into embellishment. Thus, in the depths of the mountain , Chanel iPhone Cases spawned a lot of moving scenery , the patch of land into a paradise in the eyes of outsiders .
Mountains and more trees Chanel iPhone 5s Cases, pine, cypress , fir , maple , beech tree , Bauhinia trees and flowers , dog bones trees, many short and tall trees standing on the hillside, birth or dense or sparse foliage , the release of each different charm. Cherry blossoms in spring , summer Bauhinia flowers , fall Camellia flowers, various shapes of different colored flowers dot the green hills. Hill became a beautiful painting without a stroke , that unique picture composition , color shades affordable , beautiful , pleasant, Heavenly 's clever , really amazing. In winter, the mountain knife wandering wind , trees branches Yela , like dancing butterflies, if Juan US letterhead. There are snowflakes falling from the sky , there were numerous, some fell on the ground , there to stay on the bare branches . Waking up after a night sleeping village , uh, a mouthful of white gas , looked intently , ground white as silver, snowflake branches in bloom , the sun climbed the hill, the sun and light snow pavilions, exceptionally beautiful , pleasant. Cold season , the villagers from the bottom of my heart to give birth without heating, wear a shirt to wear hats, everything neat , leads to their own feeding dogs along the way that there is no road to the mountain hunting . Delicious natural reward Chanel iPhone 5s Cases, ran shouting and barking in the Hunter sound enter the house, hanging racks Shangkang become Montagnards warm meal Chayu topic .
Little river , but more than a foot wide , four seasons and never stop. Clear water , colorful stones from the river walk through the dough , pull-out round after round mild ripples , like the kindly old lady 's face when wearing a smile wrinkles , endless waves in the river . Originally stationary trees, cliffs , blue sky and white clouds , reflected in the river , has become alive , and seems to have a breath , have a life , with the supremacy of emotional experience , they quietly stay together in uneasy in stop the river jumped himself , came out vivid harmony
between school movement . The fish in the river , with all things in life , like in the mountains , with water moisture, ultimately, the sun warm, sunny day at school , they floated hundreds from the river , in the river chase between playful , romance, male and female , enviable glow of warmth . That obscure river turtle sand in the river below , is every inch a gentleman , full of poetry in general, turned a deaf ear on the colorful circumstances , but slowly and climbed out , in a not deep grass Suzhuobozi , so that piece of warm sun slowly sprinkle it back. Geese , egrets , cormorants , long-legged crane , they fall from the sky , in the shallow waters of the river slowly foraging Chanel iPhone 5 Cases